Digital Marketing Consultant: Is It Time To Hire One?

Wondering if a digital marketing consultant can help you grow and scale the business? Or maybe you're curious about what it means to bring an online marketing consultant on board? It might be time to call the digital marketing doctor... I want to help you fully understand what it means to work with a [...]


How To Scale A Business (Follow 3 Simple Formulas)

So you want to know how to scale a business? Scaling is a long term, big picture play. As a business owner, you know that at a certain point in your small business, all the pieces eventually align for you to scale. You've got the right people overseeing the marketing, operations, and finances. You've [...]


Digital Marketing For Small Business (Follow 3 Steps)

Digital marketing for small business, a topic that seems overwhelming... ...but can actually be very simple. Here's the thing. Small business owners—you know that your business NEEDS to be found online. But online marketing requires years of technical experience and a large marketing budget, right? Wrong. You just need your business website and a [...]


Small Business Marketing Consultant: Read Before Hiring One

Thinking of hiring a small business marketing consultant to help your business? Or just want to know what a marketing consultant can do for you? I'd like to tell you the truth about hiring a small business marketing consultant... Small business owners know, anything they invest in needs to be results driven. So before [...]


Small Business Marketing Plan (The Ultimate Guide)

In this guide we'll cover the essential elements of a small business marketing plan. However, if you've never put one together then consider this your executive summary of marketing objectives with specific goals for your small business. You'll be creating a marketing plan is clear and focused. Do keep in mind that developing a [...]


How To Create An Offer (That’s Irresistible)

When marketing your business it's important you know how to create an offer for your products and services... This applies more so to acquiring new customers because the cost to acquire a customer is much more (sometimes 7x more) than getting a previous customer to return. Because of this, it's worth the effort to [...]


Customer Journey Map (Create An Infinite Loop Of Buyers)

Do you have a customer journey map? Consider the last time you made a purchase... Not just a commodity purchase like your weekly grocery shopping list for milk and eggs, but something that required some actual thought. This is essentially the customer journey, the point in which you go from stranger to buyer. You [...]


Unique Selling Proposition (Differentiate Yourself Now)

Your business needs a unique selling proposition. Al Ries and Jack Trout, legendary marketing experts, write in their book: 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing... "If you can't be first in a category, create one you can be first in." Because if you haven't invented something completely new, you'll be fighting over market share, and [...]


How To Increase Brand Awareness: 1:Many Ratio

Not getting any traffic to your website or visitors to your brick and mortar? Business owners know, the first step is "being found"... ...the more your potential customers become aware of you, the greater the likelihood of a sale. In fact, 58% of consumers prefer to purchase from brands they're familiar with—so you must [...]


How To Increase Sales (Lead Domino Sales Strategy)

If you're like any forward-thinking small business owner, you're looking for how to increase sales. However, most advice you're probably being given is "well just spend more money". The only problem is—spending more money won't necessarily guarantee more sales of your products or services. It can however get you more awareness and traffic. But [...]