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Find Profit Leaks in 3 Minutes with This FREE Calculator

Are You Sure Your Marketing is Profitable?

Get a thorough understanding of the costs eating away at your profit. If you’re measuring marketing success with return on ad spend (ROAS) or cost per acquisition (CPA)—you may have a profit leak.

That’s why I’ve created this Marketing Efficiency Ratio (MER) Calculator to help you quickly understand your marketing’s true breakeven point.

It will show your true target cost per acquisition (tCPA) and breakeven return on ad spend (tROAS).

What is Marketing Efficiency Ratio (MER)?

MER measures the profitability of all marketing activities by drilling down into the contribution margin per order.

The formula: Net Sales Revenue per Order / Contribution Margin per Order

profitability calculator

Find Profit Leaks in 3 Minutes with This FREE MER Calculator

Why You Need This FREE MER Calculator

  • Profitability Analysis: Know where your money is going and what’s left over
  • Planning and Forecasting: See how much profit to expect in a future period
  • Performance Tracking: See how profitable your marketing is in a given period
  • Instant Data-Driven Decision Making: Make informed decisions fast
  • Marketing Strategy Optimization: Spend your marketing budget wisely without wasting cash